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Judges Standard Bundle


  • Bench Wig
  • Black Judges Gown
  • Judicial Robe Bag (Black)


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Made from 100% pure wool, this lightweight Judicial Gown will keep you cool and demonstrate your control of the court room.

Our Wigs are all handmade, using 100% horsehair.

Robe Bags (Black)
Our Robe Bags are made using damask and include complimentary embroidery – allow up to 7 business days for the embroidery. Note that no refund will be provided for personalised items.

How to determine your wig size:
Using a tape measure, start at any point at eyebrow level, measure the circumference of your head.

Wig Size

54cm/55cm, 56cm/57cm, 58cm/59cm, 60cm/61cm, 62cm/63cm, 64cm/65cm

Gown Size

S, M, L, XL


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