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“I was a little nervous about ordering online from a company so far away – but they undercut the competition and you can’t complain about a flat rate postage charge. I had to cancel my order as my stolen case with wig and gown was recovered. I was impressed with the courteous response to my cancellation and  timely reimbursement.”

Sue (barrister London)

“I’m totally in love with my order, the fast delivery to Nigeria was impressive, the quality of the wig, gown and customised robe bag is second to none, you would definitely be getting referrals from me”


“Thanks for the great service and the cuffs top notch I’ll pass your details onto my colleagues.”

Robert McTernaghan

“Received gown, wig and blue bag today and very happy with it all.
Would you be so good to send a receipt so my daughter can off set against tax.”


“My parcel arrived within a few days and I’m very pleased with the quality of the items. I notice you are hoping to offer wig tins soon. Can you let me know when you do? Look out for an order from a colleague of mine, she was very impressed with the speed with which you dealt with my order.”


“I love the quality of the wig and the speed that it arrived. Simply superb quality. I’ve had many hours waiting in robing rooms with nothing much to do until the jury comes back and I can’t find a single stitch or hair out of place.”


“I must confess that I was sincerely impressed with your services as well as the quality of your product.I cherished the prompt and timely delivery of the items as it was safely packaged. I hope we’ll do more business again in future. If I have the opportunity to recommend your product or services to a third party, I shall not hesitate to do so.”

BH Igbani

“I was thrilled with the barrister wig I recently purchased from you. And your ability to get the wig sent directly to me from Australia in a matter of days was extraordinary. Service cannot be improved; I couldn’t be happier! The actual wig is superb, the craftsmanship, the handwork, amazing. Will definitely recommend you to other colleagues. I feel extremely lucky to have found you on the Internet.”


“I would just like to tell you your service was amazing I could not improve it. I bought the gown for my son who has just started his pupilage.”


“The wig and gown were fine and fitted well – in fact I was called to The Bar last Thursday. I did put a message on Facebook about your site and recommended you to everyone in my group. I was very happy with the service you provided and the wig and gown are top quality. My only problem now is finding the elusive pupillage!” 

Sarah Taylor

“I have collected my new wig and gown from my local Post Office and I am delighted with the quality of both items. I shall be letting people know where they should be buying their wigs from.I have previously owned a Ede & Ravenscroft of London wig and the Chancery Wig is by far the better quality product as far as I am concerned and of course more than 50 percent cheaper, which certainly matters in these times of global economic down turn when even lawyers are feeling the pinch! Thanks again, 10 out of 10 for Chancery Wigs!”


“Thank you. I have received my wig in good time and excellent condition.”


“Sorry for taking so long to write, but I did receive my wig and gown in perfect condition last week. The delivery was quicker than thought. They are beautiful and fit very well. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you very much.” 


“Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service to Ireland. I received the wig in good order this morning, ready for the start of term on Monday next.” 


 “Received it, fits like a charm and best believe it I will be making representation on your company’s behalf to my colleagues both here and back home. The robe is amazingly light yet sturdy. I suspect I may be the envy of others as our Ceremonial Law year and district courts take place under the influence of the hot Caribbean sun.” 


“I came home today to find that my gown had arrived. I was so surprised. Thank you so much for such prompt dispatch and delivery. I could not be happier with the quality and the fit of the gown itself. It is perfect. Thank you for such excellent service. I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.”


“I have not had a chance to write before now to tell you how thrilled I was with the speed of arrival of the robe/wig and extremely happy with the quality. I have looked at many other wigs and robes in the UK and yours are by far the best quality that I have found! I have been telling any fellow Bar student that will listen to order their wig and robes through you and I wish you all the success in the world. I eagerly await the addition of other products in the future!”


 “Thank you, my wig arrived safely and I am very pleased with it.”

HH Judge David Morris

“My father bought a wig from your company and gave it to me for Xmas I am very pleased with the quality of your product.”

David Mainstone

“I am very happy with my wig. The quality is very good and in terms of style I find it less cumbersome and easier to wear than other wigs I have seen and/or tried on. The price was also more than reasonable considering the prices that other suppliers are charging for wigs. I was also very happy with the service you provided and overall am a very happy customer.” 


“Fabulous, brilliant, couldn’t be better next to all of them. the wig arrived. The items were affordable, so much cheaper and seemingly just as good if not better than all the others. My comment would be that I couldn’t find you anywhere, my daughter found you I am not sure how but you need to be much more in evidence on wishes and thanks” 


“Ordered Thursday, delivered in England Monday morning. And it fits! How do you do it? For service, speed, quality and price I recommend Chancery Wigs to anyone!” 


“Chancery wigs has GREAT customer service! I purchase over the Internet all the time but it has never been so easy. Chancery wigs promised 10 days for delivery and five days later, all six wigs were in The Bahamas. I got what I wanted and I got it fast!”


“The barrister wig I ordered from you has arrived safely, very quickly in fact, and is an excellent buy; I can’t imagine why anyone should spend so much more – for no better quality – from the 2 major UK suppliers.” 


“Just to let you know my wig arrived today. I have to say, your service is amazing – fantastic quality product, super fast delivery and a great price. This was a replacement wig for me and the quality of it is much better than my last one. The fit is perfect. Looks like you’re giving Ede & Ravenscroft a run for their money – they need some decent competition!” 


“The service from your organisation has been nothing short of outstanding. I ordered a wig on a Thursday for a trial taking place the following Tuesday. The wig arrived in time and what’s more the quality is superb.” 


“Communication was amazing, I recieved instant responses to all of my queries and great customer service. Delivery was speedy and everything arrived on time (in fact early!)” 


“The Wig arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday. Thank you very much for the trouble you took to send the wig to Sri Lanka. As you have mentioned, the wig has come out very well. I have no hesitation in recommending Chancery Wigs to any counsel interested in ordering a wig.”